Nike Playlist: Season 11

This season we took creativity, sport, and play to the next level

Nike Playlist: Season 10

What a joy to return for a third season (and my first as the head writer) along with Conscious Minds Studios to create this imaginative workout show

Nike Playlist: Season 9

I was honored to once again work with the team at Conscious Minds Studios

Nike Playlist: Season 8

Alongside the brilliant team at Conscious Minds Studios

Behind the Backdoor Pilot: Gossip Girl

I wrote/narrated this

Behind the Backdoor Pilot: Punky Brewster

 I narrated this, which was written by the amazing Nick Nadel

“Heat” Sketch

Co-written with Nick Nadel, shot and edited by Bill Scurry/AmericanCaesar Enterprises

Alt Disney Presents: The Butterfly Effect

Written by myself, Alex Rosenthal, and Joe Taylor

How Furby Happened

Written/ directed and edited by me

Margene Salt

Written by me, directed by Patrick Keene

Artificial Tears

Written by me, directed by Geoff Garlock

How Much for The Jigglypuff?

Written by myself, Joe Taylor, Terence Malangone & Alex Rosenthal, directed by Joe Taylor

Written by me, directed by Angela Palladino

Demon Morning After

Co-written with Joe Taylor, directed by Angela Palladino

Chipper: The Girl Who was Raised by Squirrels

Co-written with Monica Sandreczki, directed by me