Written alongside IFC’s team for the Memorial Day “Shark-Half-A-Day” Stunt.

For the 40th anniversary of Carrie, I created this spot for IFC.

“They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

I wrote IFC’s Movie Trivia for two years. Here’s one from Scarface. Enjoy, my little friends!

These are some of my favorite WE tv projects:

Writer/producer Dennis Shinners and I tackled a Father’s Day themed marathon of Roseanne. I give you, “Dan Know Best.”

90’s R&B trio known as Sisters with Voices, or SWV, made a comeback with this reality show hit on WE tv. This promo draws inspiration from Fox’s smash, Empire.

This spot was part of a five-part project I produced for WE tv. My role was to work with the voice over talent to re-dub the date of when each episode aired.

This was one of the final pieces of the aforementioned WE tv five-part project. My role as producer was to supervise VO recordings and and make sure the energy was the same as WE tv’s other exciting, dramatic pieces.

This is one of many banner copy spots I wrote.